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10 November 2007 @ 02:32 pm
Hey, I'm a new member of this community, and since I'm supposed to introduce myself, this is my first post.

My LiveJournal account is a music blog, so I basically write reviews and post news & mp3s. The bands I write about are limited, however, because I mainly write about the bands I'm interested in and like.

01 Bloc Party
02 Stars
03 Broken Social Scene
04 The Most Serene Republic
05 Andrew Bird
06 Sunset Rubdown
07 Metric
08 Au Revoir Simone
09 Feist
10 Emily Haines & The Soft Skeleton

If anyone's interested, here's my Last.Fm.

Au Revoir Simone - Verses of Comfort, Assurance, and Salvation

Also required is an upload, so I decided to upload one of my current favorite female-fronted bands, Au Revoir Simone. They're from Brooklyn, like me, and this was their first album, Verses of Comfort, Assurance, and Salvation. The band's most recent album was released earlier in 2007. Enjoy.

sonja: unicornvandring on November 14th, 2007 02:58 am (UTC)
I've always wanted to like Au Revoir Simone because their photos are always so pretty, but sadly I can't. :(

Welcome to the community. And thanks for participating. :)
sonja: tori amosvandring on November 14th, 2007 03:24 am (UTC)
Also, be sure to Friends Lock your entries! Unfortunately, my mod powers for changing security only work for my own entries.