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20 June 2008 @ 09:31 am

DISCLAIMER: I heartily detest the term "indie", and refuse to acknowledge the existence of it as a genre. Why? Today, it's received a connotation of being a "genre" dedicated to pubescent kids who sit in pow-wows discussing who wicked underground they are. Really, this community accepts uploads from female fronted bands who are considered alt-rock/pop, experimental rock/pop, alt/anti-folk, industrial, electronica, post-rock, cabaret, lesser known singer-songwriters, and electropop/rock. However, I use the annoying term in the title of the community anyway, because "ffindiemp3" is shorter than "ffalt-rock/popexperimentalrock/popelectronicithinkyougettheideamp3." For further clarifications on the genre, see #7

1) Heed the first two letters of the community name, "FF," which stand for "Female Fronted." All uploads that are tagged must contain a female vocalist. This is what distinguishes the community, and without it, this place might as well not exist.

2) You ARE, however, permitted to post something that does not fall into the aforementioned genres, or does not have a female singer(i.e. in fulfilling a request, but that's not strictly necessary), but ONLY if it's a supplement to an [insert approved genre here] upload. If you decide to upload an album from, say, Yo La Tengo (an experimental rock band that does not have a female vocalist) or Nightwish (a female fronted metal band), but please upload the album behind a cut, and do not add it to the tags. I suck at explaining, so if you need further clarification, then ask here.

3) Upload in a 1:1 ratio. Example, if I were to upload two Portishead albums, then I could upload two E.S. Cat Power albums, but no more than that. It doesn't necessarily have to be by request. This will be enforced very leniently, but please keep this idea in mind.

4) Don't be a douche. If you disagree with someone, then fine. You are more than free to express your thoughts in a diplomatic and rational manner. However, once you make the argument personal, then I'll be the one to start giving you shit. And trust me, you don't want that.

5) In addition to the previous rule, if somebody makes a mistake, then kindly correct them. Everybody is new to something at some point, and there's no need to ignite a pissing contest simply because you've liked a band since you were 10, or whatever. In addition, please only allow the mod to make corrections concerning tagging, lj-cuts, and the like, as she is the one who has the power to fix those with her special mod powers. Ooh, spooky.

6) Respect the moderator and her wishes. Her word is law.

7. Again, this community promotes indie rock (Metric, The Long Blondes), indie pop (Tegan & Sara, Au Revoir Simone), alt-rock, electronica (Hooverphonic, Lamb), electropop(Ladytron, The Knife), alt/anti-folk (Cat Power, Laura Marling), lesser-known singer/songwriters, industrial (The Birthday Massacre, I:scintilla), post-rock, and "riot grrl" (I guess that's what it's called.) If you dislike any of the aforementioned genres, then the only person who cares is you. Uploading country, traditional jazz, hip-hop, mainstream rock/pop (No Doubt, Avril Lavigne), punk (The Distillers), emo (Paramore) and metal (Nightwish, Arch Enemy, Tristania) is generally discouraged. If you are ever unsure as to whether or not a band belongs here, then the interest list for suggestions, the tags for bands that have already been uploaded, and lastly, ask the moderator.

8) When posting an upload, if it's not immediately obvious (i.e. the stuff everyone knows, like Eisley, Regina Spektor, Tegan & Sara) then please state the genre. I understand this is occasionally difficult as some bands defy any one genre so rely on last.fm for music tagging.

9) This community is for MP3s. NO OTHER FORMAT is accepted. Otherwise we may as well stop calling it ffindiemp3.

10) In addition, don't convert from one lossy format such as WMA to mp3 to satisfy the previous rule. It causes a loss in quality- much like how the more copies you make of an audio tape the worse it sounds. Converting from lossless (for example, FLAC) is okay. If you are not sure if your format is lossy or lossless, please see here. If you have the original CD, re-rip it into mp3.

11) Please use LJ-cuts where necessary (i.e listing large requests, posting music lists). It's only polite. Also, if you are posting album covers with your uploads, and it features anything of a NSFW nature (this mainly applies to plainly visible nudity) then please cut that as well.

12) Please ensure, when you are ripping from CD, that your mp3s do not have DRM. Some CD ripping programs such as iTunes are a problem in this regard. Windows users may use CDEX.

13) When ripping from a CD, try to encode at a minimum of 192kb/s. If the mp3 you are providing was gotten off the internet, this rule can be ignored as long as it's at a bare minimum of 128kb/s. If you know how, you may also want to try encoding in variable bit rate (VBR) for the best quality/size ratio.

14) Please tag your uploads. This makes it easier for people to find. You may choose from tags that already exist. If a tag does not exist, then it will be added by a moderator- IF it meets the Criteria detailed in Rule 1. Do not tag your requests. Also, when posting the list of stuff you're offering, please tag it with !lists for people to find in the future, long after your entry's been buried. When posting a "best of" album, please differentiate it from the band's other albums by including the !bestof tag. When posting a tribute album (such as 12 bands covering Dead Can Dance), or a single cover song, use the !cover tag.

15) Compress whole albums in .zip or .rar format. If your upload speed isn’t good enough to upload a large file like this, separate track links are allowed but put it behind a cut.

16) When making requests, it is up to the uploader what compression format they wish to use (as long as it's either .zip or .rar.) If you don't have .rar and don't want to make your life easier by downloading it, then please state that you prefer the file to be compressed into .zip. Windows users may use WinRAR, Mac users may use RAR for MacOSX. Don't know how to use the programs linked? Tough. It's not rocket science. It's called reading the instructions.

17) Please, try to upload files that go like this: Band Name - Album Name - ## - Song Name.mp3. (Where ## is the track number, complete with leading zero.)

18) Please try and post links to downloads using the following html codes:

19) Don't leech. It’s only polite to tell a person you are downloading their music, especially if it is intended for someone else specifically. You should also upload some music in return occasionally.

20) Related (somewhat) to the last one: If you are new here, then you are required to make an introductory post. In this introductory post, we want a list of 5 to 10 bands (of any genre) that you like, an upload, and, if you like, a request. You can also write a bit about yourself if you think it's worth it. This way we know who's joining, and what kind of uploads we can expect from you. Please state the heading "Introduction" and if the entry is long, please put it under an lj cut.

21) If what you are uploading has a password-protected archive, then please provide the password.

22) Remember, the music uploaded is at the uploader's discretion, meaning the format in which it is archived (e.g. .rar or .zip) and where it is uploaded to (e.g. filefactory) is their personal choice - do not automatically expect files to be uploaded how you would like. If you specifically need a certain format or upload site and you have a valid reason (e.g. slow internet connection or a certain upload site really does not work with your computer) then you will have to request for it. Yousendit, by the way, is not permitted. There is a non-comprehensive list at the bottom of this page of various upload sites you may use.

23) Don't constantly harass people to upload something. Most of us have lives. You may give them little reminders now and then, however- most of us are forgetful, too.

24) Lastly, enjoy yourself and let's make a great community. I know this seems like a lot of rules, but most of these are simple common sense rules that unfortunately are often ignored if they are not explicitly stated. But we are not a hostile community, and will welcome you with open arms as long as you follow the rules.

Please promote as much as you can. The more members we have, the more music becomes available.

Using Upload Sites
To upload files to an upload site, go to one of the upload sites in the recommended list below (we recommend mediafire.com or filefactory.com, browse for the file you want to upload, click "Upload File" and wait until it has finished uploading. Do not close the window. The upload site will then give you a link which other people can download the file from. This can be used with the codes mentioned in the rules to post within the community. It may be recommended that you enter your email address along with the upload, as it will then email you the link when it's done (and it's easy to find if you close the window after!)

Extracting Zip Files in Windows
To extract albums from zip files in windows, go to the file, right click on it and click Open With > Compressed (zipped) folders. Then under the heading folder tasks on the left hand side, click "extract all files". See links on entry page

Owner: vandring
Co-Owner/Moderator: rinirini

Disclaimer:The RIAA allows 24 hours for previewing purposes on downloaded music, after which, the file is to be deleted. This community accepts no responsibility for your actions after this period is finished.

Upload Sites and their maximum file sizes*

1,5 GB:

1 GB:

700 MB:

500 MB:

300 MB:

250 MB:


* Not a comprehensive list. Yousendit is discouraged. Mediafire and Filefactory are "official", but don't let that deter you from making your own decisions.

To all of the already existing members: Sorry for crowding up your flist for now with a bunch of crap that you already know; I'm just trying to clean a few things up right now.